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The Christian Education Initiative (CEI) is a Bible-based, evangelical alliance of member organizations whose purpose is to advance the Kingdom of God by growing Christian education, thus helping to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and the cultural mandate (Genesis 1:28-29; Matthew 5:13-14).
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Our Mission & Vision

Saving our culture and children through Christian education 

The Christian Education Initiative (CEI), with 18 member organizations, announces its formation for the purpose of advancing the cause of biblical Christian education in K-12 education, including college students and adults.

CEI intends to enlighten Christians (pastors, parents, teachers, students) about the spiritual and academic failures of public education and encourage them to pursue Christian education, either Christian schools or Christian home schooling. CEI will mobilize parents and the church to reclaim its responsibility for the education of its children. Pastors who support K-12 Christian education say that there has been no “strong voice” advising them.

CEI is now that strong voice!

Dan Smithwick, president of the Nehemiah Institute, observes, “The Worldview Shift in America of the past 30 years is the greatest abandonment of the Judeo-Christian faith since our nation’s founding. Results of Nehemiah Institute’s unique worldview assessment, The PEERS Test, provides documented evidence that our nation’s government-run educational system is systematically and intentionally erasing our roots to the Christian faith.”  Smithwick believes this is the single greatest threat to the future of our free Republic. He has stated in numerous conferences that, “It is time for the Church to make an unqualified decision that local churches will once again, in conjunction with parents, take on full responsibility for the education of their children.“ Smithwick argues that the Church must cease asking the secularized, de-Christianized school system to educate her children.

E. Ray Moore

Chaplain (Lt. Col.) USAR Ret.

Ray Moore, founder and president of Frontline Ministries, Inc., and Exodus Mandate and CEI chairman announced, “Now is the time for like-minded ministries to unite and promote a national movement to expand biblical worldview education. We are not government school reformers but are rather encouraging parents to provide a biblically based education for their churches and children. Christian children need Christian education.”

Who We Are

Member Organizations

Dr. Carole Adams & Dr. Max Lyons, Foundation for American Christian Education (Website)

Dr. Gary House, Consultant

Jay Jusino, Equipping Teachers International (Website)

Jeff Keaton (CEO), Ron Gordon (COO), Renewanation (Website)

Stephen McDowell, The Providence Foundation (Website)

Chaplain E. Ray Moore (Chairman) and Gail Moore, Exodus Mandate (Website)

Kevin R. Novak, Deconstructing the Coliseum (Website)

Dr. Christian Overman, Worldview Matters (Website)

Gary Porter, Constitution Leadership Initiative (Website)

Karl Priest, Exodus Mandate Representative in WV (Website)

Dr. Paul Michael Raymond, New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy and Reformed Bible Church (Website)

Roberto Rinaldi, Association of Principled Education Christian Schools (Website)

Don and Chris Schanzenbach, Mission To Restore America (Website)

Mark Shepard, Planting Seeds to Renew America

Steven C. Smith, Henricus Colledge, 1619 (Website)

Dan Smithwick, Nehemiah Institute (Website)

Paul and Gena Suarez, The Old Schoolhouse (Website)

Israel Wayne, Family Renewal Ministries, LLC (Website)

Lisa Watson, Tea Party Scholars,

Pastor Travis Witt, American Transformation Company (Website)

Welcoming Our Newest Member

We welcome our newest member, Richard W. Hawkins. Richard was born (May 27, 1949) and raised in the Santa Monica/West Los Angeles area of California. After earning a BS in Engineering from California State University, Northridge, he earned an MBA from Chapman University while serving in the Air Force.

Richard retired active duty as Lt. Col. with over 20 years military service in the USAF and the Air National Guard. He served as Civil Engineering Officer, Assistant Base Civil Engineer and Base Civil Engineer at numerous bases as well as Squadron Commander for a Prime BEEF squadron. Richard was also a staff officer with the Air National Guard headquarters both at Andrews AFB, MD and the Pentagon.

After his military retirement, Richard had some time to be “Mr. Mom” with his three school aged children.  It was at this stage he became aware of the politically correct indoctrination conducted in public education which sparked his quest for truth against the world’s lies.  Richard has been leading Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project since 2007, has taught adult Sunday school and was manager of the church’s Bible Study programs.  Richard has also compiled and edited the book Political Correctness: A Deceptive and Dangerous Worldview. (Available at Amazon)


For your Christian organization or ministry to become a member of CEI, please contact the Frontline Ministries, Inc. office for further details, or 1-803-714-1744.

Featured Articles & Resources

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Our Beliefs & Values

Christian Education Initiative has adopted the Nicene Creed and the Christian Worldview of Education, written by Dr. Richard Lappert and Dr. Robert Simonds, with contributions by members of The Coalition on Revival, Dr. Jay Grimstead, and Mr. E. Calvin Beisner.


To facilitate a dramatic increase in the number of children exiting government schools and entering Christian education from a Christian school, Christian homeschool co-op model, or other Christian models.


Rather than attempting to reform the unbiblical, unconstitutional government school model, we promote real reform – the ideal of private biblical Christian education for their churches and children.


To establish, encourage and promote education based on a Biblical philosophy, curriculum and methodology.


To encourage and promote all efforts that train parents, pastors, teachers, board members, and other educational leaders in a biblical philosophy, curriculum, and methodology of education.


To promote efforts that assist parents of limited financial means to be able to afford biblical Christian education, without government entanglement, such as private scholarship programs.

CEI is under the auspices of Frontline Ministries, Inc., a 501©(3) non-profit Christian organization. All donations are tax deductible.