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This collection of articles is curated to equip you with the knowledge and guidance you need to guide your family and church through the vital work of home education.

CEI Strategic Planning Meeting Update

CEI's Executive Committee had a special 2-day meeting in Blythewood, SC, April 5-6, 2022. They discussed many issues including CEI's Strategic Plan, Membership Policies and Procedures, Development opportunities, website update, etc. They were encouraged from scripture that the Lord is doing mighty things. Pictured left to right are Dan Smithwick (Nehemiah Institute), Dr. Max Lyons (F.A.C.E.), Richard Hawkins (CEI Asst to the Chairman), E. Ray Moore (CEI Chairman), and Mark Shepard.

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What are we thinking! – Part 4: Education/training/discipleship – from the source

By Mark Shepard, Planting Seeds to Renew America Contact Mark: mark1230@tutanota.comPart 2 of this article explored a free-market approach to education from a Christian worldview perspective. Part 3 listed practical action items and ideas to help move Part 2 toward a reality.  Below are a number of references that speak to the important role both parents and the church have in the education of children.  Godly training for children and adults is a theme that spans the entire Bible.  The verses...

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What are we thinking! – Part 3: Putting ideas into action

By Mark Shepard, Planting Seeds to Renew America Contact Mark: 4organicEducation@gmail.com Part 1 of this article made a case that every education option impresses a set of ideas into students. A free-market education model is the only option that allows parents to give their children an education consistent with the parents’ worldview. A free-market model can, and generally does, deliver a safer, better quality, more appropriate education at a lower cost than a monopoly-type state-controlled...

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